Book Donation Guidelines
Everyone has been so generous with book donations we’re running out of space!  So, we needed to come up with some guidelines to help keep things neat and organized.  They are as follows:

Friends of The Muncy Public Library
No text books, encyclopedias, Reader’s Digest condensed books, VHS tapes or damaged books.

Muncy Public Library’s Materials Donation Criteria
1.  No textbooks of any kind.
2.  No damaged covers or pages.
3.  No moldy or damp materials.
4.  No novels over 4 years old.
5.  No non-fiction over 6 years old.

Thanks for understanding and Thanks for the Donations!

Overdue Fines:

  • Overdue fines are 15¢ a day for books.
  • DVDs and Video Games are $1.00 a day per item.
  • Please do NOT return DVDs or audio materials in the book drop. There is a $5.00 charge for each video, DVD or audio material when this is done.

How Long Do Materials Circulate:

Most materials circulate for 3 weeks. DVDs circulate for four (4) days and must be brought back inside the library a half-hour before closing. Adults over 18 may check out 2 new and 2 old DVDs and up to 4 videos at a time. Most materials may be renewed by phone or in person unless someone else is waiting for the item or the item has a “NO Renewal” sticker on it because it is in high demand. Sorry, DVDs can NOT be renewed.

Library Card
It is free to check out anything with your library card. It is also free to obtain a library card.  There is a $2.00 charge if you need to replace your library card.

Making a Donation in Memory or Honor

  • Making a donation to the library in memory or honor of someone is an unique and special way to remember someone.
  • Making a donation in honor of a teacher at the end of the school year is also a great way to show your appreciation.
  • It is easy to make the donation-one can stop in the library or mail it. The library needs to know who the donation is for, who a notice should be sent to that a memorial was made, and if you have any preferences to the type of book(s) purchased.
  • A beautiful memorial plate is placed inside the designated book stating who donated the memorial and who it is for.

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