Library History

Library History

The Library was founded in 1938 by the Tuesday Study Club. It was housed in a room at the Muncy Historical Society building and was operated by club members for 25 years. It moved to 15 North Main Street in 1965 and a librarian was hired.

girlreadingThe library was moved to its location in 1970 at 108 South Main Street. The building at 108 South Main Street dates back to 1821. The architecture is from the Georgian style. It was owned by the Beeber family for many years. The Buffington, Von Neida, Kunkel, and Phillips families also owned it throughout the years.

Martie Kunkel, who was actually born in the building when it served as a private home, discusses in her newspaper article, “Meet Your Friends and Neighbors” what the building was also used for. She writes, “Long ago the building was a hat factory. Three maiden-lady sisters lived there.

There were three windows facing Main Street, and each lady was assigned to one of the windows. A pedestal was placed in the window, and on it was a hat rack that would hold one hat. Then each lady created a hat and put it on “her” pedestal so that the town’s women, as they went downtown to buy their groceries, would see a hat that caught their fancy and would go in and try it on, and frequently would buy it. Only when the lady’s hat was sold was she allowed to make another hat to place on her pedestal.”

By 1960, the building was in poor condition and was being used a rental property.

The boro purchased it and was going to tear it down when it heard that the library was looking for a place to move. The boro offered the building to the library board and they accepted. In July of 1981- the library was struck by an arson fire with most of its collection ruined. The library reopened in 1983 with the original front facade being kept and a new addition added.


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